Responsible to the children’s coordinator.

Relates closely with the church pastor, the children’s ministries committee, chil- dren’s church staff.

Ministry mission: To help children worship God in an age-appropriate way; to pre- pare children to understand what is happening in the “big church” during the wor- ship hour.


The children’s church leader has the following responsibilities:

  1. Organization and administration.
  2. Represents children’s church on the children’s ministries committee.
  3. Organizes and meets regularly with the children’s church staff.
  4. Delegates ministry responsibilities to staff members.
  5. Decides in consultation with the children’s coordinator how the time will be divided and what age level the ministry will target.
  6. Leads or team teaches up front in children’s church.
  7. Keeps an updated file of current students.

Coordination of Ministry

Delegates and assigns the following tasks:

  • Welcoming ministry: greeting and affirming children; maintaining a file on each child (master files available from the children’s coordinator or start from scratch).
  • Mailing ministry: Sending absent member postcards, birthday cards, affir- mation.
  • Hospitality ministry: Organizing refreshments, involving parents on a rotating basis.
  • Family visitation ministry: Organizing home visits by staff.
  • Music ministry: Choosing songs and leading the singing, involving stu- dents in special music.
  • Support teachers: Provides one friendly teen or adult per five students who help kids participate but do not teach.
  • Custodial: Setting up the chairs, banners, tables after Sabbath School.
  • Holds staff accountable for follow-through on their roles.

Screening Volunteers

  • Evaluates volunteer applications, with the children’s coordinator.
  • Interviews volunteers, helping them match their spiritual gifts with minis- try needs.
  • Screens volunteers on the basis of the volunteer screening form.

Program Preparation

  • Announces children’s church two consecutive weeks in advance.
  • Makes assignments, clarifies roles and expectations, communicates the day’s theme, and time allotments.
  • Articulates a standard for discipline and discusses potential trouble spots.
  • Notifies parents when an offering will be taken, refreshments are needed, their presence is needed, the service begins, ends, and where it will be held.
  • Secures video equipment for taping of the program.
  • Shows the video of previous children’s church and evaluates for future improvements.

Tips for Organizing the Space

  • Plan where craft supplies will be given out, refreshments will be served, etc.
  • If possible, begin in a video room where children see a spiritual video or sing with a music video. Move to a worship room, an activity room, a story room, and a refreshment room. Maintain order throughout.

Set rules for the children to follow:

  • Never leave the room without an adult.
  • Participate in all the songs and activities.
  • Do not leave at the end until a parent comes for you.

Time Commitment

Approximately 4-10 hours per month.

Length of Commitment

One or two years, depending on the practice of the local church.


  • Basic children’s ministries certification (nearing completion).
  • Advanced children’s ministries certification (on-going).
  • Some high impact volunteer management training (recommended).


  • Volunteer ministry qualifications
  • Commitment to Jesus Christ and to a growing personal relationship with Him.
  • Commitment to Christ-centered ministry to children.
  • Commitment to the Seventh-day Adventist Church and to its beliefs.
  • Commitment to a balanced Christian lifestyle.
  • Commitment to teamwork.
  • Commitment to cooperative ministry under the leadership of the pastor and church board.
  • Commitment to personal growth and learning, so as to upgrade teaching methods and leadership skills.
  • An attitude of servant leadership.
  • Passion for children and children’s ministries.
  • Leadership experience in a ministry to children.
  • Current recommendation by the volunteer screening committee.


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